​​​Debora Sadun

​Traineeship from 1 February to 31 July 2017


At the time of entry, Debora Sadun had a bachelor in Political Science and was completing a Master in Public Management and Policy at the Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration (IDHEAP) University of Lausanne. Her traineeship was organised in collaboration with swissuniversities within the frame of the project ‘Internationalisation of Universities of Applied Science’ (UAS).


During her traineeship she dedicated half of her time working in the field of innovation, applied research and education; she supported the work of UAS4Europe and reported on European innovation and education policies. She used the other 50% to draft a research paper, for her master thesis, on research and innovation in Swiss UAS of Arts and Design in Horizon2020: ‘Bringing Swiss UAS of Arts and Design research and innovation to Brussels’.



Bringing Swiss UAS of Arts and Design research and innovation to Brussels​


The report aims at getting a better understanding of where Swiss UAS of Arts and Design actually stand and to what extent they are ready to act on the European level. First, the report examines the participation opportunities for arts and design research and innovation in Horizon2020. Secondly, it reports on the obstacles, shortcomings and needs expressed by the six Swiss UAS of arts and design. Finally, it proposes some recommendations to improve the collaboration with and participation of Swiss arts and design research in the European programmes.


The report concludes that the European Commission could increase the number of opportunities directed to artistic research. Meanwhile, representative organisations could improve their visibility in the European research and innovation landscape. The support and recognition at the European and Swiss level are important, but Swiss UAS of Arts and Design need to develop their own will to participate, i.e. their own Europeanisation strategy.​