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Student traineeships

We recruit a Student Trainee for Research twice a year for six months​: from 1 February to 31 July and from 1 September to 28 February. If yo​u are studying at a Swiss higher education institution or have just graduated and want to get a challenging work experience in an international environment, please consult our  traineeship d​escription​​​​​. If you would like to apply for a traineeship, please send a motivation letter and your curriculum vitae by email.​ See what previous Student Trainees were d​oing​ at SwissCore.


​Tailor-made tr​aineeships

We offer tailor-made short and long term staff traineeships to collaborators of our Swiss funders, partners and clients. For short-term staff traineeships, a programme ranging from one day to about two weeks is designed together with the visiting staff and our responsible member of staff. The aim of these short term traineeships is to learn about European research, innovation and education​ and specific topics of interest and to establish a personal network within the European institutions. Long-term staff traineeships are similar to a sabbatical, the length of which must be determined together by the visiting staff and us according to the hosting capacities for the selected period. The objectives and planning of the sabbatical must be thoroughly discussed beforehand and the outcomes should benefit both the institution of the visiting staff and us. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact the relevant member of our staff.