​​​​​Tasks and services

inform funders, partners and targeted stakeholders on ongoing and expected developments in European research, innovation and education policies and programmes. SwissCore publishes the free monthly newsletter "​Synopsis"


liaise between Europe and Switzerland in the fields of research, innovation and education policies and programmes by connecting Swiss and EU ERI communities, giving presentations on European ERI developments, and participating in and (co-) organising meetings and events and by connecting with peers within the Informal Group of EU RTD Liaison Offices​ (IGLO);


support Swiss participation in European policy making and programme development in the field of research, innovation and education by exercising mandates, ad hoc replacements of Swiss representatives and ad personam representations of our funders in programme governance and policy bodies, providing brokerage and strategic advice, organising visits to and traineeships in Brussels, offering office facilities and by giving specialised trainings;


promote the Swiss knowledge institutions at European level by supporting them to gain visibility on the EU level, highlighting Swiss-EU ERI collaboration and success stories through events and other communication channels.