We act as a bri​dge between Swiss and Euro​pean knowledge institutions and support Swiss participation in European knowledge pr​​​ogrammes.​




Ideologically we share and defend three core values:



  • excelle​nce
    A​​s exponents of ‘Swissness’ abroad, we strive towards highest standards of excellence in our individual and institutional work and services.


  • autonomy​
    As representatives of the Swiss knowledge institutions, we firmly believe that all knowledge institutions are autonomous vis-à-vis state, business, religion and other societal players and should be neither abused nor submitted. We underline, that this autonomy consists of both rights and duties.

  • engagement​
    As exponents of a multicultural and cohesive society in the heart of Europe, we engage in the further European integration through cooperation in research, innovation and education and offer our excellence and autonomy for the sake of others.