​Nadine Kleger

Traineeship ​from 01 February to 31 July 2016.​

At the time of entry, Nadine Kleger had a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from the University of Applied Sciences and arts of Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW). She had a broad experience from the financial industry and looked back to more than ten years in banking.

She was the first trainee in cooperation with swissuniversites in the field of innovation at SwissCore from February to July 2016. She was involved in the area of applied research and Universities of Applied Science (UAS). Her report ‘Positioning Swiss UAS in the European research and innovation landscape: What opportunities does Horizon 2020 offer to realise the institutional strategy of Swiss UAS?’ gives an overview of existing opportunities for UAS in Horizon 2020. It shows gaps on national and institutional level as well as in the European framework programme itself. The project paper concludes with a series of recommendations to put the Swiss UAS in a stronger position and securing a successful engagement within Horizon 2020.

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