​​​​​Maxime Schoch

Traineeship from 1 February to 31 July 2019​​


At the time of her entry, Maxime held a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Economics with a specialisation in Economic and Political European Integration from the University of Zurich. ​

During her time at SwissCore, Maxime worked on a project analysing the contribution of research and innovation (R&I) policy to achieving the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She did that by monitoring the European Union (EU) policy towards the SDGs, analysing the legal text of the next generation EU R&I programme, Horizon Europe, and by conducting several interviews with EU officials and relevant stakeholder organisations. Maxime got the chance to present her findings at an IGLO Open in Brussels and to Swiss stakeholders in Bern. You can find the slides of the presentation here​ and the full report here​


During the rest of her time, Maxime monitored ​research policy on a European ​​level, attended several stakeholder events and reported to Swiss stakeholders. She further worked on topics related to European innovation policy, mostly on the role of innovation policy within the next EU industrial strategy.